Saturday, March 24, 2007

Recognition Day 2007

SJS proclaimed and awarded Honor Cards and Medals to honor students in a program held on March 22, 2007 at the SJS Auditorium. The guest speaker who gave a welcome remark was Mrs. Phyllis Anudon.

From first year to third year, there were 92 students who received Honor Cards. The top students are as follows:


10th Honorable Mention -------- Bungalan, Richard B. 89.50%
9th Honorable Mention --------- Sakai, Karl Angelo T. 89.67%
--------- Guimbatan, Clarisa C. 89.67%
8th Honorable Mention --------- Famorca, Tricia Joyce G. 90%
7th Honorable Mention --------- Indunan, Mark Dominic T. 90.17%
6th Honorable Mention --------- Udan, Zeny Leslie D. 90.33%
5th Honorable Mention --------- Langbayan, Normaliza P. 90.50%
--------- Malanta, Elmer I. 90.50%
--------- Pinkihan, Kharen P. 90.50%
4th Honorable Mention --------- Dulnuan, Marjorie D. 91%
3rd Honorable Mention --------- Afalla, Diane D. 91.17%
--------- Indunan, Mariz Dyan M. 91.17%
2nd Honorable Mention -------- Dulnuan, Myrosvic G. 92 %
1st Honorable Mention --------- Dulawan, Jenny Irene T. 92.50%
--------- Camhol, Kathleen Joy A. 92.50%
Second in excellence --------- Binwag Jayshree C. 93.00%
First in Excellence --------- Talib, Elvie P. 93.50%


10th Honorable Mention ----Puguon, Mutz Jay N. 91%
----Bumohya, Jovelyn M. 91%
---- Butic, Hazel joy B. 91%
9th Honorable Mention ----- Pukya, Jomar U. 91.17%
----- Pablo, Janelie Cestine P. 91.17%
----- Pugong, Angela Krystle B. 91.17%
----- Taguiling, Jhonie Celia D. 91.17%
8th Honorable Mention ----- Guiniling, Mellawin P. 91.33%
7th Honorable Mention ----- Marquez, Vian Joy B. 91.67%
----- Olnanigon, Belen B. 91.67%
6th Honorable Mention ----- Dulnuan, Ashley B. 92%
5th Honorable Mention ----- Wansi, Joseph Ranil J. 92.33%
4th Honorable Mention ----- Codamon, Ivy M. 92.5%
3rd Honorable Mention ----- Anudon, La Maria Victoria C. 92.67%
2nd Honorable Mention ----- Manghi, Espie A. 93.17%
----- Balangui, Winnie L. 93.17%
1st Honorable Mention ----- Belingon, Sara Kate I. 93.5%
Second in excellence -------- Hiblawan, Marry Ann B. 93.67
First in Excellence ---------- Bahingawan, Krizelle K. 94%
---------- Dagupon, Aimee Ruth I. 94%


10th Honorable Mention ----Danglay, Florence Johanna L. 87.22%
9th Honorable Mention ----- Udan, Loriemar D. 87.31%
8th Honorable Mention ----- Starling, Brittany Tara L. 87.619%
7th Honorable Mention ----- Gopeng, Jean Mara M. 87.952%
6th Honorable Mention ----- Habiling, Kavin B. 88.813%
5th Honorable Mention -----Buyuccan, Ma. Antonette Dianne T. 89.371%
4th Honorable Mention ----- Catama, Al Jay C. 89.986%
3rd Honorable Mention ----- Pawid, Mives Ann I. 90.352%
2nd Honorable Mention -----Wansi, Philip Evence Jr. 90.664%
1st Honorable Mention ----- Bulyayungan, Christal A. 90.973%
Second in excellence --------Dupingay, Ruth Diana P. 91.402%
First in Excellence --------- Dupingay, Karen D. 91.663%

Scenes from 68th Alumni Homecoming

The 68th SJS Alumni Homecoming was celebrated December 28 and 29, 2oo6. The Silver Jubilarians Class 1981 hosted the events together with the Golden Jubilarians of Class 1956 celebrating.

It opened with the usual parade in town by the different batches, followed by the blessing of the two gates which the two batches of Jubilarians donated, and presentations by the different batches. There was a cultural night of singing and dancing. Day two marked the celebration of the 50 years of our Church which was inaugurated and consecrated on December 29, 1956. Fr. Gerry Bouckaert, CICM, in-charge of the Centenial Jubilee of the CICMs in the Philippines, officiated the mass. Ballgames and parlor games followed.

This 68th year carried the theme: "Looking back, moving forward. . ."

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Tiger Hill Outreach

The SJS Faculty together with the Student Catholic Action visited the inmates of Tiger Hill Saturday, 03 February 2007. They had a mass; played parlor games and basketball; had group interactions and lunch together.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Remembering INTRAMS 2006

INTRAMS of 2006 was one of the most colorful and fun ever. It showcased the talents and creativity of our students - in sports, in the arts and culture.

Highlight of this year's Intrams was the Mr. and Ms Intramurals. This is a fundraising campaign of the Student Body Organization for the costruction of the Restrooms near the first year building.

Seniors' TLE Practicum

The seniors had their TLE Practicum on Food Preparation and Fine Dining. With Madam Cecille Guiniling supervising, the seniors showed their artistic and culinary talents... Aren't they fabulous?